Should the USA close the Southern Border

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Left Wing nut cases are still at it

It amazes us that the wacked out left keeps trying to push Immigration as mainly a Mexican issue or Latino problem! What they FAIL to understand is that MEXICO is not a good neighbor!  Not at all! But trying to convince anyone who wants more immigration is like talking to a donkey!

I found this web site Immigra t ion clearin g hou se dot o r g  where the person who tries to run it just lets his visitors spew trash and hate all the time.  One poster, Corn is undoubted a hater of the American way; he also runs another web site that proclaims to show the "Truth" about Mexican Truckers and tries to make everyone believe that those truckers are as safe as any American Trucker!  Right mR. Corn, maybe you should just stay in Mexico since you seem to love it more than the USA!

These posters and Mr. cORN are truly haters and very racist toward anyone who challenges their ideas, they tend to make up so much it is almost like reading a fairy tale to your kids.

We suspect that people like this are somehow connected to many of the drug trafficking and human smuggling operations along the Texas border and we have provided DHS with this information in hopes that they discover the real operations behind these people